CORS Network Benefits


Africa Geonetwork Limited offers highly accurate real-time positioning services through a network of Agl base stations across Kenya that is accessible through the mobile phone network.

A True Network

 All base stations that make up the network now cover the areas of Mombasa, Central, and Western.  Further expansion of the network to the north and east will be supported based on user driven requirements. 

Continuous Operation

 The system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Users simply connect into the system to receive reliable and accurate positioning information. (Dependent on Telstra or other communication service and satellite availability) 

Start Instantly

 Subscribe to the network and be online within minutes 

Precise Positioning

 The network can provide better than ±2cm accuracy for X, Y coordinates and better than ±4cm vertically.  This ensures optimum results for positioning work with virtually no margin of error and with repeat, centimetre accuracy.

Reduce Expenses


No high insurance cost for unattended GNSS base station.

Low cost subscription from under KGX 9000 or KGX 25000 per day per receiver.

No longer require localised base station.

Ability to separate existing base/rover configurations into 2 rovers.

Support Toughest Conditions

 Positioning in undulating terrain is often a challenge.  The Agl network will always offer better signals and greater precision than a single ground base station. 

Save TIme

 No lost time setting up base stations over known control points or SSMs (Standard Survey Marks). 


 Agl works with its clients to use, better understand, and achieve the best results from this technology.  Being experts in the field of satellite based positioning systems, our ability to help goes well beyond the provision of the network. 

Greater Security

 No base station is required, therefore no need to worry about finding a secure site – thereby enhancing security. No reliance on additional equipment e.g. cables. 

One Man Team

 Positioning work carried out without the need for additional personnel. 

Together, these combined benefits help you to realise great savings in time, effort, and eliminate

 The success of Agl is based on providing a personalised, efficient service to each client, and dedication to the effective introduction of the technological advances that have completely changed Real Time Kinematic GNSS applications. The constant monitoring of the network, expansion of the network as demand dictates, and ongoing improvements of hardware are aspects of Agl’s commitment and aspirations in providing a sound network. The success is further measured by level of interest attained in this technology and ability to deliver GNSS solutions well into the next decade.